Jul 22, 2012

Patrick’s Birthday Party

Getting the dessert ready.

Patrick after he blew out the candles.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie- I underestimated how long it needed to be refrigerated, but I think people still enjoyed it before it was fully set.

We grilled outside before it started raining.

Once it started raining, we moved inside to play Just Dance 3.

Paul and Stef gave us our first baby outfit, which is adorable! This is the morning after the party– I’m not wearing sweatpants all the time :)

Our crazy cat, Oliver, was stressed out during the party, but relaxed after everyone left.

The party was so much fun! Once it started to thunderstorm, we moved inside to play Just Dance, but then a big burst of lightening made the game stop working. We were worried that our Wii was broken from the power surge, but it started working again in about 30 minutes. In the mean time, our friends (especially Stef) improvised and we played a great game of charades. Thanks to everyone who came over to celebrate with us!


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  • You are taking such awesome pictures. Now I want a fancy camera for Christmas! It adds such a cool element to the blog, that I can’t do right now without even having a smart phone. Some day!

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