Jul 27, 2012

Changes to the house

Even though the baby isn’t due until December, I’ve wanted to prepare things for her arrival for a while now! We were waiting to see if a potential career change for Patrick could take us out of the Raleigh area, but for now at least, it looks like we’ll be staying. I’ve already started a list of things that I want to change around our house.

For our living room, I want to paint (probably a light grey/blue since our accessories are so bright), add curtains, and buy an area rug (the ones I’ve been looking at are so expensive! there has to be a more thrifty way to get one…).

What’s currently our guest room will become the baby’s nursery. We’ll need to move the bed into what’s currently Patrick’s office, paint, and obviously purchase a lot of baby gear! I’m thinking about making her room a pale yellow. Pink would be cute, but might be overwhelming in such a small room.

We’ll need to move the guest bed into Patrick’s office (if it will all fit) and find ways to store some miscellaneous items. Our attic is unfinished, so I think that laying down some inexpensive planks or wood will allow us to store a lot more up there. If the guest bed won’t fit in this room, we’ll have to donate it and maybe get a small daybed for guests.

Our bedroom will remain pretty much the same, with the exception of possibly painting. Maybe a light blue?

If Patrick doesn’t continue to work from home (his company has office space in Raleigh that he could use), we’ll probably move his desk into the sun room and move my desk into storage. This room could also eventually be a play area.

We need some flowers in the front of the house! Our yard usually looks better than this, but our lawnmower (fixed now) was broken when I took this picture. Obviously this isn’t necessary for the baby, but it will make the house feel more homey.

If we end up staying here for a while, I would love to put in a deck/patio so that we can enjoy our back yard more. It’s a great space, but we don’t spend a lot of time out there now because there’s no where to sit.

He may look innocent now, but as many of you know, our cat Oliver is a little bit crazy. One minute he’ll be sitting beside me purring and then before I know it, he’s attacking my arm! It’s not just play attacking either– claws and teeth are out in full force. While he’s usually very loving with Patrick and me, I would guess that he tries to attack me at least twice a day. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable once we have the baby, so we’re going to try to transition him to being an outdoor cat so that he can get some of his energy out. I’m also going to try some new foods to see if that helps (his behavior is usually the worst right after he’s eaten). We both love him, but something has to change.

I’m really excited to start decorating/reorganizing now that we know that we’ll be in Raleigh for a while! More posts to come once I actually start some of these projects.



  • Oliver does not “look innocent”. In fact, he looks decidedly evil in that picture. I’m scared just looking at the picture on my computer!

    • Haha- I guess he does look kind of bad in the picture. He was hiding from the trash truck when I took it, so in my mind I thought he seemed innocent.

    • Haha I agree!!

  • Exciting!

    Let me know what kinds of rugs you like, and I might be able to help you out. I agree that rugs can be frustratingly expensive!

    • Catherine, I’ll definitely let you know once I start looking more seriously. I could definitely use some design tips from you :)

  • We love your new home Rachel! What a nice place to bring a beautiful baby girl home to! Congratulations!

    • Thanks Aunt Patty! We’re happy with it, too.

  • Rach, try Wellness wet cat food for your guy. It’s grain-free and expensive but the best there is next to a raw meat diet.

    • Thanks Angela! I’ll definitely try that.

  • Hi Rachel,

    Have you checked out Home Goods for area rugs? I’ve gotten all of my rugs from there and they are very affordable.

    Take Care,

    • Beth- Thanks for the tip! I definitely need to start looking at Home Goods and other used furniture stores for some of the items I need.

  • I’m excited to see what the nursery will look like. Let me know if you want a used furniture hunting buddy!! :-)

    • Definitely :) Maybe we can go some time next weekend!

  • I heard that the goodwill that is on glenwood has awesome new furniture. Since it’s in the area of all the store furnitures, the stores use it to leave their stuff when they can’t sell it anymore. You can find amazing things that are brand new and really inexpensive.

    Also, don’t worry about a guest bed. Get an air mattress. They are great for guest.

    Congrats on everything!

    • upss I meant to say furniture stores.

    • Thanks Ewa! I’ll make sure to check out the Goodwill on Glenwood when I start furniture shopping.

  • I can comment! Huzzah!

    Yes, make the room yellow– you will not regret it. I almost bought decorative jungle animals (hard to explain) from the HIV/AIDS conference last week for Colleen Jr.

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