Aug 1, 2012

20 Weeks

Half way there!

This has been another good week for me and the baby. As I mentioned over the weekend, my baby bump has definitely popped out! I had read that it can happen suddenly and it definitely did. One day, I woke up and showed Patrick and he agreed that it looked totally different overnight.

I’ve continued to test my blood sugar levels after my scare with gestational diabetes and they’ve continued to be very good, which is a huge relief. My average level out of all of the times I’ve tested  is only 75 mg/dl (after fasting it’s supposed to be between 60-95 mg/dl and 2 hours after a meal it should be below 120 mg/dl), so I’m probably going to start testing less frequently. After pricking my fingers multiple times a day, they are getting really sore! I still don’t think I actually have gestational diabetes, but will continue to test periodically to ensure that my number stay low. I also want to have a record to show a midwife if I decide to do a home or natural birth.

Patrick and I went on a bike ride last night and I was glad that I could still comfortably ride because we’re going to Ocracoke Island in a week and a half and apparently you can ride your bike almost everywhere on the island. I’m definitely ready for a vacation and for an early baby-moon with Patrick. We have to get in as many date nights and trips as we can before the baby comes in December :) . The only thing that I’m sad about is that our trip overlaps with my 10-year high school reunion. I loved my high school and have remained close with a lot of my friends from Alexandria, so I was really looking forward to seeing everyone. Oh well– I guess I’ll just have to wait for the 25-year reunion, which will probably be even more interesting.

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  • Well I guess that answers my question. If you were coming down, I’d definitely go. I’m still waffling on that decision.

    You look great! And I’m so glad your numbers have stayed so low!

  • you’re so cute!! so glad your sugar is staying in range! xx

  • Also glad the numbers are in check. Your baby bump is finally catching up to my food bump! :)

    OK, so NOVA baby shower should probably be sometime in October. Want to pick some dates with your mom and we can start coordinating?

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