Aug 7, 2012

Making goals

Yesterday, I wrote about how it’s important to be happy where you are in life and to not be overly focused on the future, but that doesn’t meant that you can’t have goals to reach for at the same time! Since our baby is due in December, it’s been difficult for me to set goals for myself. Previously, I set a lot of athletic goals and right now that’s probably not a good idea. I considered entering a race to walk in, but I’m pretty sure that I could complete that, so it doesn’t seem like a real goal for me :) . I also don’t want to strive for any major career changes since the first months after the baby comes will be a huge adjustment already. So, after struggling with it for a while, here are my (somewhat vague) goals for the future:

  • -Learn how to plant and grow vegetables- I eat a lot of fresh produce and it would be great to learn how to grow some myself.
  • -Start volunteering on a regular basis- I used to volunteer at the Frankie Lemmon School, which is an amazing preschool program for children with disabilities in Raleigh, and may contact them to see if they need help in the office. I used to volunteer in the classrooms, but that will probably become more challenging as I continue to get bigger. I don’t know how teachers of young children (especially young kids with disabilities) do it when they’re later into their pregnancies!
  • -Find a way to volunteer after I have the baby- This probably won’t apply at all for the first three months because I’ll be so involved with learning how to be a mom. After that, though, it’s really important for me to stay involved with my community in a meaningful way. One of my biggest fears about becoming a mom is that I’ll be isolated and I need to be proactive to make sure that doesn’t happen. Even though I’ve only been able to complete one volunteering project with them, I admire Change the Triangle, which is a volunteer organization for young adults in Raleigh. I thought about starting a similar group for mothers (or fathers) who are staying at home with their young children to complete a different volunteer project each month. Some ideas are writing letters to the troops and visiting the elderly at retirement homes. Obviously this is still in the very early planning stages :)
  • -(Possibly) start a coop preschool- I’ve thought a lot about this one recently. Most Cooperative Preschools are small (5-6 kids max), family run organizations where parents are very involved in their children’s schooling. Some are run out of homes and parents rotate who is the teacher/assistant teacher (you can also hire a lead teacher). Although I didn’t enjoy my student teaching experience (I worked in an at-risk preschool classroom with 16 kids, many of whom had undiagnosed disabilities. It was completely overwhelming), this would be a totally different experience. I do have my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, so I could easily work as the lead teacher. I would also have the support of other parents rotating as the assistant teachers, so I wouldn’t feel completely isolated. The group of kids would be smaller, I would have a lot of control over the curriculum, and the schedule would be manageable (most coops only run about 3 hours a day 3-4 days/week).

Right now, it’s been good for me to brainstorm ideas and set goals even if they don’t end up happening in the long run. I realize I’ll be a first-time parent soon and I’ll need to give myself time to adjust to that, but I think that the goals that I have are (somewhat) attainable. I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress towards them in the future!

4 comments on “Making goals

  1. I love your idea to start a cooperative preschool! What a great idea! Miss you and am so glad your pregnancy is going well.

  2. Colleen on said:

    Rachel– I am incredibly impressed by the goals you have set. I think it’s also really important to remember all that you have accomplished. You wanted to move out of Northern Virginia and you did, check. You wanted to start a blog and look at you now, check. You wanted to become a mom– and you are well on your way! I’m very proud of you, and I often find inspiration in your ability to set goals and achieve them. I’ll be looking forward to hearing (and reading) about the progress on each of these goals!

    • Rachel on said:

      Thanks Colleen! You’re right, I have already accomplished a lot of things that I wanted to and it was nice of you to remind me of them :) .

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