Aug 8, 2012

21 Weeks

I decided I need to include more pictures since the dress I’m wearing above is so loose-

There’s the baby bump! I feel like it’s gotten huge this week.

All of the sudden, I really feel pregnant. This must have been another big growth week for the baby because I feel like my bump is growing quickly! I’ve only gained about 7-8 pounds so far (right on track for what’s recommended), but I feel really big. Not in a bad way, though, it’s just different. There is absolutely no more laying on my stomach or flat on my back at night (I’m kind of sad about that– I love sleeping on my stomach) and when I sit down, I can feel my belly touching the top of my legs, which is funny. I also might have felt the baby move yesterday! I can’t be sure, but I think I felt a little fluttering.

Although I feel like it’s obvious that I’m pregnant now, it might not be to people who don’t know me when I’m wearing looser clothes. Earlier this week, Patrick and I were shopping at a used furniture store (no luck yet) and I told the owner that we were looking for baby furniture. She said “oh, who are you shopping for?” and I said “ME!”, so I guess that everyone can’t tell yet.

I also think that because I was so lucky with not having an upset stomach or nausea in the beginning of my pregnancy that maybe it’s coming back to haunt me a little bit. I haven’t been feeling sick, but certain foods (dairy, some vegetables, anything with flour in it) have really been bothering me recently. It’s still not terrible and I’ve just continued to avoid those foods. Other than that, things have been good this week! We’re getting estimates for some small home improvements, so soon I’ll be able to start organizing the baby’s room. Other exciting news is that we found a really great Doula to help with the birth. Things are definitely falling in to place :)


  • The little bump is growing! You still are tiny! It sounds like things are starting to settle in.

  • you are so adorable! what an exciting time in your lives!! :) you are glowing! x

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