Aug 9, 2012

Feeling like a homeowner

What’s the difference between this picture–

And this picture? (you can’t say that it’s that the grass is cut or that the bushes are trimmed…)

Here’s a hint…

That’s right, we got gutters!

OK, so I realize that this is not the most exciting home improvement for people to look at, but other than getting blinds installed before we moved in, it’s the first major project that we completed. It also made me feel like a real homeowner :) . Things tend to hit me slowly because I’ve actually been a homeowner for about 6 months. I’ve always been like that– I remember my best friend Colleen getting mad at me because I didn’t cry when she left for college (it’s because I knew that we would stay close, OK?) and it probably didn’t hit me that high school was really over until after my freshman year at Virginia Tech.

Another more embarrassing example of me processing things slowly also happened at Virginia Tech when I was running one day. I was jogging through campus on the sidewalk and came across an area where a parking lot emptied out onto a small road. I stopped, made eye contact with the driver who was waiting to get out of the parking lot, saw that there was a lot of traffic and that she couldn’t go anywhere, and then started to jog in front of her car to get around it. She pulled up and hit me! I wasn’t hurt, but I did fall onto the hood of her car. Then, instead of yelling at her or saying anything at all, I just awkwardly got up and kept running. When I told Patrick about it later, he couldn’t believe that I said nothing! I got angry about it later, but at the time, I just felt embarrassed for some strange reason. I’m working on standing up for myself more quickly in situations like that. Luckily, it doesn’t happen very often.

Later this week, we’re getting quotes for painting our living room and finishing our attic so that we can actually use it for storage. I love being a homeowner!


  • Being a home owner has it’s ups and downs, but being able to decide what color you want the walls or if you want to tear a wall down, for that matter, is an awesome feeling :)

    ps- nice gutters!

  • Great gutters! :) Lovely home, lovely owners & a lovely granddaughter on the way! Perfect!

  • Haha, I was so excited when I thought I had figured it out – I could have sworn you got new blinds! Turns out they were just closed. Yay for new gutters! The things that excite us as we age. I can’t believe someone hit you! What a crazy story!

    • I guess that the blinds being closed could have counted for something different between the two pictures :)

  • I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU DIDN’T CRY. What’s wrong with you? (Joke!) :)

    I am not a homeowner, and the responsibility terrifies me in some ways. But, Becky and I are starting to make some fun, temporary changes to our apartment (like putting up new art on the walls) and that always is fun.

    • Haha– I knew you were secretly still upset that I didn’t cry :)
      I can’t wait to see the new artwork and changes that you and Becky are making. Are you still thinking about adopting a kitten? Obviously I’m biased because I’m a cat lover, but I think you would really enjoy it.

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