Aug 13, 2012

Mini beach house

Patrick and I are really enjoying ourselves in Ocracoke this week. We’re staying in a free-standing, one-bedroom beach house that I found on Vacation Rental by Owner. It’s really cute!

It’s definitely compact, but it does have a full kitchen, which I love. When I’m on vacation, I really like being able to cook for breakfast and lunch. Going out to dinner is great, but if I have to eat out for every meal, I usually end up feeling like it’s a waste. Especially for breakfast,  it’s so easy to make an omelette or scrambled eggs, which can end up being very expensive if you eat out.

There are really nice porches on both levels of the house, but I especially love the one outside of our bedroom.

My only complaint– the tiny tiny bathroom!

The real issue is the shower. It’s one of the smallest showers I’ve ever been in and being pregnant, it’s a little harder to move around in general. I thought I would have to shave my legs in the sink, but then I discovered that there’s a really great outdoor shower, which I plan to use all week. Now I feel much better!

I love being on vacation and we need to soak up every moment because it’s probably our last vacation before the baby. We keep talking about how different our vacations will be next summer (but still really fun!) with a 6-month-old. Yay for the beach!





  • It’s such a cute little place, I wish our one bedroom apartment looked like that! Glad y’all are having fun!

    • I like your apartment! I know it’s small, but I think it’s really cute :) . We’ll see you guys next week

  • That really is a tiny little beach house, but very cute! Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!

    • Thanks Mom! We’re having a great time :)

  • You know where I’ve heard can be a fun place to vacation with a cute baby? PHOENIX! haha (but probably not in the summer!)

    • Yeah! Maybe we can visit you guys some time in late winter/early spring next year :)

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