Oct 16, 2012

Community Support

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This week, one of the things that has inspired me the most was a fundraiser that was held for Mike Hart, who has an undiagnosed neurodegenerative disorder. Fight for Mike was a workout fundraiser held at CrossFit Old Town in Alexandria and Patrick and I were lucky enough to attend when we were in town for my baby shower. When we lived in Northern Virginia, we worked out at CrossFit Old Town for a couple of years and I was always impressed with the strong community feeling of the gym. I love it when people come together to support each other and this was a wonderful example of it. After Sunday, the total amount of money raised to help Mike’s family pay his medical bills and hopefully find a cure for his disorder was over $100,000!

I think that sometimes it can be difficult to find true community support because our society can be so busy. People are frequently distracted or try to find community online, but you can’t replace real in-person connections. Where ever Patrick and I end up, I hope that we’re able to continue to be a part of supportive communities and have supportive friends.

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