Oct 29, 2012

Halloween Costumes

Aren’t our friends’ costumes great?

If you can’t tell, Patrick and I dressed up as “Shotgun Wedding” for Halloween. When we were together at the costume party, I think that most people got it, but if I was by myself a lot of people were confused about what I was supposed to be. We searched for a veil and fake tattoo for my belly, but couldn’t find any, so I guess it wasn’t as obvious as I thought. I also had a couple of people ask me if I was really pregnant, which I thought was funny. There was another girl there dressed up as pregnant Snooki (she just had a ball stuffed down her shirt), so maybe that added to the confusion. I have to say that the party we went to had some of the best original costumes that I’ve seen– there was a peacock, an ostrich, 3 girls dressed up as rock-paper-scissors, and of course, Barbie and Ken. It was a great start to Halloween!


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